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Room & Table Bookings



Table bookings for student groups in the Bronfman lobby are handled by, while corporate bookings (including student ambassador programs) are handled by the MUS VP Corporate Relations at $250 dollars per day. There is a limit of one corporate booking per day.


Table availability can be seen by clicking the “View Booking Calendar” button below. Please note there may be a time lag before the spreadsheet is updated and it will not always be accurate. Information tables 1 and 2 (Info 1 and Info 2) are to be reserved for MUS student groups until one week beforehand. Otherwise, email the Office Manager directly at

View Booking Calendar

Table booking requests can be submitted by clicking the “Booking Request Form” button below. Please ensure that all information is complete and accurate. Submit one request per day you would like to table. Requests should be submitted a week before hand and earlier submissions are encouraged given the high volume of requests. Requests submitted less than 72 hours in advance of the desired date will be deemed late.

Booking Request Form

All requests will be processed at least 48 hours prior to the tabling session and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Late requests will not be guaranteed a response. Confirmation emails will be sent out; table bookings are not official without a confirmation email. Requests submitted for days that are already booked according to the spreadsheet will not receive a response. Table cancellations must be done at least 72 hours beforehand. Tables cannot be booked for an entire semester.

All student groups planning to table are responsible for confirming that their table has been booked on the table availability spreadsheet 24 hours before they plan to table so any issues may be recognized and addressed.


1. There is a limit of 5 student group tables per day.
2. It is forbidden to sit on the tables.
3. As per building guidelines, you may not plug any electrical devices into the outlets other than laptops.
4. You must book the food table if you would like to sell food or drink in the lobby. An information table may be granted special permission by the office manager to sell food if both tables agree to sell different food.
5. Tables must be returned at the end of the day.

6. The food table can be booked by a group once per week.
7. Groups must stay for at least 6 hours, with the exception of food tables.

It is the responsibility of the people booking the tables to read and understand the guidelines above. Failure to abide by the rules or to observe the policies stated above may result in tabling privileges being revoked for the semester or the year.


Organizations seeking to book a corporate table can do so using the following payment terminal. Corporate tables are limited to one table per day and cost $250 per day.

Buy Now


Classroom space has been specifically allocated for committee/club meetings, as well as lecture/speaker events. To schedule your committee’s regular meetings, please email with the following information:

Contact Name (first & last), Email, Associated club/professor, Date, Time, Maximum number of people attending, Location preference, Audio/Visual required (yes/no), and any other pertinent information.

*Requests for specific rooms can not be guaranteed.


Given scarce event space in the building, and that priority for these areas are first and foremost as study space, all event requests must be evaluated by Michelle Forsythe (Building Director and Project Manager) and VP Internal. Please fill out the form “Events Booking Form” below. Upon approval, the MUS will then book this space directly.

Events Booking Form


• Requests for the Concourse open space (040) must have expected attendance of 50+
• Requests for the 2nd floor open space (202) must have expected attendance of 100+
• Speaker appearances with expected attendance from 50-75 should apply for large classroom 423
• Speaker appearances with expected attendance under 50 should apply for classrooms
• Requests must be made a minimum of 4 weeks in advance (8 weeks if involving alcohol)
Weekend/post-9pm bookings have porter and cleaning fees, and must be first approved by the MUS VP Finance.
• If no space is available, try to book a room in the SSMU building


As per our Memorandum of Agreement with the University, the MUS is entitled to office space in rooms 036, 037, 038, and 039. Given this scarcity of physical space as compared to the sheer number of clubs & committees under the MUS, access for the 2014-15 year will be determined and allocated by need.

Executive Directors and Chartered Club Presidents that desire office space for the upcoming year must email VP Internal to be eligible for consideration. Applicants must be able to demonstrate and prove legitimate need for this space to the allocation committee (comprised of the MUS President, VP Internal, and select members of the Board of Directors). Legitimate need will be judged based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

• Need for secure storage
• Need for technology (PCs/software/phone line/etc)
• Need for a quiet work area
• Need for a secure “home base” during an event
• Relevance of each position requested
• Relevance of duration requested


If an application is approved, individuals granted space must sign an access agreement demonstrating a committment to keep their allocated office space clean, quiet, and professional. Notably, all time spent in MUS office space must be strictly related to duties for an MUS club or committee — school work or leisure activities in these offices is now explicitly forbidden going forward. Any individual that dishonours this agreement will be given one written warning via email from the MUS VP Office Operations, after which repeat violations will result in the temporary or permanent revocation of access.