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Desautels Accounting Society

DAS serves as the liaison between accounting firms, the CPA Order and McGill’s accounting students. We take on the responsibility of organizing all accounting recruitment-related activities within the faculty with a strong commitment to ensure that students are well prepared for a future in the accounting field.

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Desautels Technology Club

DTECH is a student-run initiative that organizes events to help students gain exposure to the technology field in a manner that complements their studies. Whether that means meeting and learning from industry professionals, understanding the latest  trends in technology for a specific industry, or applying class material to a real-world context, DTech bridges the gap between McGill and the world outside the classroom.

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McGill Entrepreneurs’ Society

MES promotes entrepreneurship among students and members of the local community through advising and funding. Networking with business organizations who make their resources available to club members is also highly sought after. The club’s three branches include Entrepreneurship Community Outreach, Competition, and Micro- Business Development in an effort to give anyone with a project in mind the opportunity to form their team, take a leadership position, and bring their idea to life!

Desautels Exchange Network

The DEN (Desautels Exchange Network) is a student-run organization whose mandate is to welcome and fully integrate exchange students into the student body. Through ongoing communication and regular social & cultural gatherings, DEN allows students to feel home away from home. Going on exchange opens a new world of experiences and the DEN is here to ensure a smooth, fun, and easy transition into life in Montreal. DEN also provides students with a link to other international associations in Montreal, such as MESA (McGill Exchange Students Association), IMA (International Management Association), and groups at Concordia and UQAM.

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GOVision McGill

Revamped and re-invigorated, this team is responsible for researching, developing, and executing innovative ideas to improve and increase students from the BCOM program’s awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities in Asia. GOVision will focus on an annual conference/case competition that will allow students to problem solve unique business cases experienced in the Asia economy, involving networking opportunities where students are able to reach out to speakers about pursuing opportunities in Asia.

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International Management Association

The International Management Association is a platform where the students, faculty and alumni of the Major in International Management Program can meet and interact with one another. We aim to provide networking opportunities and self-developing resources as well to create a stronger student body for both International Management students and those passionate about the field of international business. We will also serve as a bridge between students and the faculty, representing the students’ perspectives in various issues in order to help shape the future of the program.

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McGill Investment Club

MIC is a comprehensive finance club, open to all students of McGill University in all faculties, with two main components: an Investment Management side and an Investment Banking side. The club plays a major role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace, and proudly supports the career preparation and development processes of McGill students. The MIC strives to help educate students about the financial markets via seminars, speaker-series, information sessions, newsletters, and forums on market specific topics.

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JED Consulting

Under the guidance of industry leaders, world-class professors and top flight consulting firms JED is positioned to provide tailored solutions to solve complex business problems. With a specialization in market research, strategic planning and brand development, we have successfully been able to serve clients ranging from small startups to not-for-profits to Fortune 500 global powerhouses.

Management Consulting Association

The McGill Consulting Association (MCA) aims to help undergraduate students understand, prepare for, and develop careers in the consulting and related fields. By creating and fostering deep relationships with consulting firms and organizations, we hope to expose students to the nature and scope of consulting practices, as well as provide them with the appropriate opportunities and tools to succeed as a consultant. Through our various events and activities, from preparatory workshops to case competitions, we wish to provide students from a variety of academic backgrounds with recruitment opportunities to network and gain valuable experience in order to help them further a career in the multifaceted field of consulting.

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MUS Marketing Network

MMN is a student-run organization that takes pride in its ability to connect motivated, creative, and ambitious students who are interested in the marketing industry with the corporate world. As an organization, the MMN strives to present its members with numerous networking opportunities, thus allowing them to develop the skills that are necessary in today’s job market. The MMN also functions to connect undergraduates closer with industry professionals, by sharing best practices and industry experience, while encouraging students to apply classroom concepts to the real world through workshops and case competitions.

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McGill Students Business Review

The McGill Students Business Review (MSBR) operates as both an online platform and a social hub for those with a passion for business affairs. The MSBR provides all undergraduates with the opportunity and resources to explore and learn about the business world. The MSBR aims to inspire a way thinking that stretches beyond the campus and into the professional world.

McGill Data Network

The McGill Data Network was created to prepare students for the ever-evolving data driven world by providing members with a platform to learn, develop and connect with data-related opportunities. Our goal is centered around data analytics, processing, manipulation, and presentation with the use of analytical software.

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MyVision McGill

MyVision is a MUS club that is accelerating and incubating social business at McGill. MyVision educates McGill students about social business through our summit and other events in the year, provides consulting services for local social entrepreneurs and runs a social enterprise called Learning is For Everyone (LIFE) aiming to lower the high school dropout rates in Montreal.

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PennyDrops is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. We work to increase the level of financial literacy nationwide, foster a community of shared intellectual resources and bridge the financial literacy gap currently experienced by youth.

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Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club is excited to offer a great new opportunity to the students of McGill University. The club will give students the chance to network and learn from local real estate professionals, where guest speakers will talk about personal successes and challenges. Our goal is ultimately to teach students about the real estate industry and provide networking opportunities and self-developing resources. The club plays a major role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the real estate industry, and proudly supports the career preparation and development process of McGill students.

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McGill Sports Management Club

The McGill Sports Management Club has tasked itself with providing opportunities to educate and inspire students, as well as provide them with opportunities to establish meaningful careers in the highly-competitive sports marketplace.

Desautels Sustainability Network

Our student-led organization aims to create the next generation of business leaders – people who envision sustainability as an opportunity, both for businesses and society-at-large. It gives students access to the resources needed to understand the variety of opportunities in sustainable business.

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Desautels Women in Business

Desautels’ Women in Business aims to provide a platform for students to explore the opportunities and careers available to them. We are continuously expanding our strong network of women interested in a career in management; our network consists not only of professionals, but of current students, professors, and McGill Alumni. Together, we aim to educate and inspire our students to achieve their goals with confidence as they begin to shape their futures and help bridge the gap between men and women in the workforce.