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Our Constitution

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The Management Undergraduate Society (MUS) represents all full and part time undergraduate students enrolled at the Desautels Faculty of Management. It is the responsibility of the MUS executive to protect the interests of its shareholders (BCom students) and to proactively improve the student experience at Desautels. There are over 35 MUS committees and 11 MUS clubs that organize countless student activities every year. The MUS also offers six student services and academic representation to the faculty and the university. We have the highest student involvement rate of any other student society on campus. With a participation rate of 50-percent of our student body, the quality and caliber of our events and services are exceptional. As a result, the MUS has received the Faculty Association of the Year award at McGill five times in the past ten years.


• To improve academic competitiveness and performance in inter-university competition consistent with top business schools.
• To improve communication to and feedback from our students in moving towards a more transparent, inclusive MUS.
• To move towards a more environmentally sustainable academic curriculum, building and operations.
• To maximize the professional development offered to our students.
• To strengthen relations between the MUS and both its alumni network and corporate partners.

Competitions & Conferences
Clubs Available
Involvement Opportunities
Raised for Charity Annually

Organizational Structure


The MUS Board of Directors are elected officials that represent the Desautels student body.

• President & Chairman
• U3 Representative
• U2 Representative
• U1 Representative, Second Year
• U1 Representative, First Year
• U0 Representative
• 2 SSMU Representatives
• Management Senator
• Ombudsperson



The President of the Executive Council and Chairman of the Board oversees all operations of the MUS, acts as the external spokesperson, and leads the strategic direction of the MUS.


The VP Academic is the primary student advocate in the Desautels Faculty of Management on affairs regarding the BCom academic curriculum and Career Services. This portfolio also consists of academic events.

• MUS Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC)
• Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC)
• Academic Committee (AC) / Faculty Council (FC)
• Career Services Advisory Committee (CSAC)
• Desautels Management Achievement Awards (DMAA)
• MUS Tutorial Services
• Majors & Concentrations Fair


The VP Communications is the Chief Marketing Officer and the internal spokesperson of the MUS, responsible for upholding the Branding Guidelines and ensuring all clubs & committees can communicate effectively with students.

• Website & Social Media
• Mass Emails
• The Bull & Bear
• McGill Students Business Review
• MUS Agenda
• The Widget (Yearbook)
• Brand Management
• MUS Insights
• Elections Committee
• Information Systems



The VP Competitions is responsible for all case-based competition at Desautels, both with internal events and external delegations, as well as supporting the MUS’ themed conferences.

• Jeux du Commerce (JDC)
• Financial Open (FO)
• Happening Marketing (HM)
• Desautels Case Competition (DCC)
• Desautels Management Leadership Seminar (DMLS)
• Desautels Preparatory Case Competition (DPCC)
• MUS Case League
• Entertainment Management Conference (EMC)
• Desautels Fashion Business Uncovered (FBU)
• Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability (DBCS)


The VP Corporate Relations is responsible for positioning the MUS and its various events to corporate partners, overseeing the Corporate Sales Team to maximize sponsorship revenues for every event. The VP CR is further responsible for ensuring all Accounts Receivable for the MUS, as well as building relationships with alumni to maximize resources.

• Corporate Sales Team
• Accounts Receivable
• MUS Alumni Board


The VP Events is the Chief Risk Officer of the MUS, working with committees to ensure our social events are safe, collaborating productively with stakeholders, and sustainable to continue in the future. They serve as a high-level event planning resource, maintaining relationships with a variety of venues & suppliers.

• Management Frosh
• Winter Carnival & Hype Week / Cancer Auction
• Faculty Bar
• MUS Concert Series
• Bronfman Ball


The VP Finance is the Chief Financial Officer of the MUS, as well as the Corporate Treasurer. This makes the position the head accountant of a million dollar company; ensuring thousands of transactions are properly recorded and reconciled for an expedient reimbursement process & eventual audit. They are further responsible for analyzing event budgets for risk, and determining maximum subsidies for clubs.

• Financial Services
• MUS Annual Report
• Audited Financial Statements
• MUS Finance Committee / Ambassador Fund MUS Alumni Board


The VP Internal is responsible for ensuring all MUS clubs and internal operations are operating efficiently. The VP Internal, with the President, is further responsible for liaising with the Faculty on funding decisions for technology & student space improvement in the building.

• MUS Clubs
• Dave’s Store
• Clubs & Activities Night
• Environmental Consultants
• Bronfman Pays it Forward
• 21st Century Computer Development Fund
• Student Space Improvement Fund


The VP D&O is responsible for all outreach initiatives in the MUS. The VP D&O leads the Desuatels Outreach Committee (DOC) in incubating and launching the outreach initiatives of MUS members, as well as the activities of all established MUS committees and events with outreach or philanthropic focuses.

• 5 Days for the Homeless
• First Year Involvement Team
• P[h]assion
• Desautels Outreach Committee