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Office Hours (Winter 2019) 

To be announced in January 2019

Letter from the Ombudsman

It is a great honour to be the Ombudsman and Equity Commissioner for the Management Undergraduate Society for the 2018 – 2019 year. An Ombudsperson is an individual in an organisation whose job is to be a resource on policy, ethics and matters of equity. It is my job to ensure the awareness and the respect of student rights as well as the advocacy of equity issues for the membership of the MUS.

In the event you would like to file a complaint, I invite you to do so directly by emailing me directly at Your compliant is strictly confidential, and only myself and future ombudsperson, should further action be necessary, will have access to the file. I would encourage you to also get in contact with me whenever you would like information on the MUS constitution or policies or would like clarification on MUS processes.

I intend to live up to the position of the Ombudsman to the best of my abilities. Below are some of the pillars that I am responsible for.

  1. Ensure the awareness and the respect of student rights as well as the advocacy of equity issues for the membership of the Management Undergraduate Society
  2. The Ombudsperson shall be a(n):
  3. Advocate concerning equity issues
  4. Confidential resource person for students regarding their rights and responsibilities at McGill University
  5. Represent or ensure representation for any active MUS member in approaching the Desautels Faculty of Management in individual matters.
  6. Investigate and make a report based on a complaint or question from a MUS member regarding the Society, a violation for the constitution or a special mandate from the Council
  7. Recommend a course of action to the Council or the Executive or any of the MUS’s organizations where such action is necessitated.
  8. Act in an impartial and unbiased manner in the exercise of his/her duties.
  9. Maintain confidentiality with respect to all matters brought to his/her attention.
  10. Carry out and have other such powers and responsibilities to better the MUS.

Diversity and a commitment to equity is what makes a faculty so great. It is truly our diversity that allows us to be the impact makers of tomorrow. It is my goal to ensure that diversity and equity is not only respected but enhanced to be representative of our ever-changing faculty. This year will mark the first MUS Equity Survey, a survey that will be establish the benchmark for equity for current and future MUS members to improve and develop. I look forward to developing the survey and interpreting its results.

I would like to thank the membership of the MUS for its past excellence in equity and look forward to working with the MUS to develop and promote its policies.


Michael Dove Charlie Osman

Ethics Board Policy