There are a multitude of ways for your brand to engage with students in the Desautels Faculty of Management. The MUS acts as an umbrella organization for a myriad of clubs, competitions, social events, and conferences. Whether the aim of your brand is to raise awareness among university students, or to engage and connect with students interested in working for your firm, we have an array of opportunities for you to explore. From academic conferences focused on different industries, to case competitions aimed at solving business challenges and social events for students to unwind, we have engagements that cover the entire spectrum of student life.

Explore the four categories of opportunities below and don’t hesitate to contact cr@mus.mgill.ca┬áto get in touch with our sales team. We would be happy to recommend packages and events to suit your brand’s needs.


Clubs exist in the MUS to foster student experiences in particular fields such as majors, or sectors of management. They are run year-long by a committee and aim to host a series of events ranging from competitions, to forums and tutorials. Students can sign up to be ‘Members’ of these clubs in which they pay a fee to attend events for free, and are subscribed to the club’s listserv.



The MUS sends delegations of students to different case competitions hosted locally or out-of-town to represent the faculty. Case competitions aim to put classroom knowledge to the test by having different teams compete to solve business challenges in front of judges. The MUS also hosts an array of case competitions throughout the year which attract an array of students from around the country and province.


The MUS itself hosts an array of major social events under both the VP Events, and VP Academic. Some major events include the Cancer Auction for charity, the MUS Concert Series, and the end of year Bronfman Ball. Each event usually attracts a large audience of thousands of students, and is typically open to students from all faculties.


The MUS hosts an array of academic conferences around the year to explore different fields and subjects of management. Conferences vary from 1 day to 4 days and are open to all students at McGill University. They are usually hosted in private venues around the city and feature well known speakers and firms.