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Branding & Promotional Tools


All MUS committees and clubs must follow MUS Branding Guidelines for usage of the MUS logo and sub-brands.

Download the MUS Branding Book here


The official MUS publication, the Bull & Bear, provides photography services. Please fill out the request form here.


If you wish to put up posters in basement or on the Second Floor of the Bronfman Building, they must first be approved by the VP Communications. Please bring your posters to room 228, leave them in the “To Be Approved” slot on the door and they will be put in the “Approved” slot within 48 hours. You must have the MUS stamp on all displayed posters or else they will be promptly removed.

Every MUS activity is allowed a maximum of four (4) posters, while all other campus activities are allowed a maximum of two (2) posters. Only posters that promote student activities will be allowed in Bronfman. Posters must be removed one day after the event or your group will be penalized in the future. All other posters for the Bronfman Building must be approved in room 104 (BCom Reception).

Posters will not be approved if they are:

• Expressly political
• Inappropriate or graphic
• Not regarding relevant and beneficial information to Desautels BCom students
• Advertising (please see Corporate Relations)

Note: All MUS activities must bear the MUS General logo in the bottom right hand corner of posters, print media and social media banners (max. two-thirds the size of the media). For websites, ‘MUS Fulltext’ logo must be used on the homepage.

Logo files can be found at the bottom of this page.


• Amount of posts:

o MUS CLUBS: maximum one post a week up to 6 posts per year
o MUS COMMITTEES: maximum one post a week up to 8 posts a year
o MUS EVENTS: maximum one post a week up to 8 posts a year
o All other on-campus activities: maximum one post a week up to 2 posts a year
o Company promotional activities: contact VP Corporate Relations

• All rules and approval of posts are maintained at the discretion of the Social Media Manager and VP Communications.
• Posts must be submitted via the form below at least 48 hours before preferred posting day and time.
• The posting date is “preferred” and depends on the level of activity on our social media channels.

Please fill the following form below and attach any images (if applicable). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Social Media Manager, at

Submit Request


In order to increase engagement, send only a cover photo to the event with a Facebook link, website or email address. Dimensions should be approximately 784 pixels wide and 295 pixels tall (Facebook’s regulation). Be sure to include the time, date, location, organization & purpose of the event in the image!

Emails go out Tuesday Morning, deadline to submit content is Monday evening. Please ensure the MUS Logo is in the bottom right hand corner for all MUS affiliated organizations. A high resolution version can be found at the bottom of this page for download. For any questions, please contact VP Communications.

Submit Request


Contact the Desautels Faculty of Management to have content on the Bronfman screens.


• Print media (posters, banners, signs, etc.): The “MUS General” logo must be placed in the bottom right hand corner. All other logos must be at maximum 2/3rd the size.
• Websites: The “MUS Fulltext” logo must appear on the website homepage
• Social median banners: The “MUS General” logo must be placed in the bottom right hand corner.

Download Logos